Flip Series explore the quality of a common product all over the world, the basket, with traditional unconscious memories, but still it takes the basket archetype to a whole new level.

The mix of origami inspiration and the moireé effects obtained when they meet, creates an unique collection of special pieces to use as containers or ikebana base. They have a soft feel to the touch, they are light but very strong, a nice product line to use as special containers for goods. Lightness and optical effects made of a carbon plastic mesh moulded by heat, fixed with no glues.












Takoyakis are octupuss snacks in Japan served in a disposable wooden tray, used here decontextualised into a retro looking lamp. The exhibition was called Flip, at the Sapporo Design Week, Japan


These light wooden lamps were made in ceiling and table versions. They give a warm light to the space and use low energy bulbs. Developed in northern Japan during a research on japanese design.










A small series of glowing containers called GLOW BOWLS. They are all made from one square of plastic fused with only heat. This was part of the research developed in Japan for the Flip series.