This mix of bamboo and acrylic create a contrast of the natural with the artificial, the new and the traditional, the past and the future. This tension translates well our current age where technology meets nature. Finding the harmony into this connection is the aim of those pieces, to have a perfect balance in shape, size, color and functionality.

Using machines to cut precise but natural shapes, having the element of bamboo with its strength and lightness together with transparency and artificially colored plastics to create these structures.

The series of new furniture pieces made in Brazil shown at Dozen Designs in Rio de Janeiro and the National Historical Museum. The collection consists of 10 pieces only available. They all come with the name JAHARA STUDIO BRAZIL branded on them with a number and sign in one of the bamboo legs.

Called Palafitas, a name used to define houses built over the water using sticks to sustain the buildings, common in the north of Brazil where floods are always happening with heavy tropical rains..