Batucada task lamps in aluminium, hand hammered, in anodized colors. Batucada stands for a percussion rhythm of Brazilian carnival parties, where many instruments are made of cans or tin pots.

The lamps are a continuation of the Batucada Collection, where the designer hammers and smashes objects such as centerpieces, vases and lamps.. Every year selected new colors will be edited.

The lamps are reminiscent of classic industrial metal lamps from the 20th century, but the battered surfaces and flashy metallic colors highlight their imperfections and uniqueness, transforming them into a new contemporary icon. While making every piece unique, the hammered surfaces reflect the light and lend character to the lamps.

The manufacturer of the lamps, the Brazil-based company ViaLight, has invited Jahara to make a series of special task lamps using LED technology and low impact materials such as aluminum.