The Shampoo Lamps are a limited edition series of a soft, hairy light source. Launched at the Studio Cibic & Partners during the Milan Design Week of 2003, this piece was also showed at the Amsterdam Design Week under a selection of Elle Wonen best products, and in 2006 the Triennale Design Museum has selected it as part of the New Italian Design exhibition curated by Andrea Branzi. Again in 2010, at the Triennale Milano the Shampoo lamp will be on display as part of an exhibition entitled 'Quali Cose Siamo' curated by Alessandro Mendini.

In 2007 the pieces were showed Venice, at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation exhibition entitled BuyBye, curated by Via Farini's director Milovan Farronato and at another show parallel to the Venice Architecture Biennial of 2008 hosted at Design-e-space Gallery called Contamination. Shampoo can be used to wash this lamps. Energy saving device.