Exhibition at National Historic Museum in Rio de Janeiro

The name ‘Hyperbolic’ was chosen because it represents not only the mathematical function of a curve, an aesthetic element frequently used by the designer, but also a figure of speech that denotes exaggeration, reflected on the large rooms of the exhibition, as well as in the Brazilian aesthetics adopted by Jahara.

Boasting 750 square meters split into 3 main rooms, ‘Hyperbolic’ displays unique pieces and collections by the designer, such as, Neorustica, Batucada, Multiplastica Domestica and Transatlantica, as well as sketches and detailed information about his creative process.

Whilst being influenced by the places where he has lived or exhibited in, Jahara’s works show a strong connection with Brazil, its nature and cultural richness. According to the designer, this results in pieces that mix different materials, such as, aluminium, wood, brass, porcelain, glass, plastics and paper.

Curated by Marcelo Vasconcellos from Memo Gallery.